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We sell office furniture, home and school furniture worldwide since 2017 with a focus on customer satisfaction, affordable prices, and timely delivery. We prioritize building long-term relationships with our clients based on their satisfaction by continuously improving our quality management system and providing new products with updated technologies.

Our Profile
Modern design: functional materials (steel, glass, concrete) create uncluttered spaces, improve mood, and avoid ornate styles.
Contemporary Design
Mid-century design: 1930s-1960s minimalism with simple lines, organic and geometric shapes, natural materials like wood, leather, and metal.
Mid-Century Design
Minimalist design = few colors, geometric shapes, clean layout for clarity and calm. Versatile for creative fields.
Minimalist Design

Business Solutions
Business Solutions

Home FURNITURE Solutions

Comprehensive home furniture solutions offering stylish, functional pieces for every room, tailored to your taste, budget, and space requirements

Office FURNITURE Solutions

Office furniture solutions providing ergonomic, space-efficient designs for productive work environments, tailored to your business needs and aesthetic preferences

Electrical Solutions

Comprehensive indoor and outdoor electrical solutions for homes and businesses, ensuring safety, functionality, and energy efficiency


Efficient electrical fans solutions providing cooling and ventilation options for homes and businesses, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency

SANITARY Solutions

Sanitary solutions delivering hygiene and sanitation products and services for homes and businesses, ensuring cleanliness and well-being

PLUMBING Solutions

Complete plumbing solutions for homes and businesses, including installation, repairs, and maintenance, ensuring efficient and dependable systems
let’s talk
let’s talk