Oxford Furniture Trading Qatar


Upgrade your office with our sophisticated and ergonomic furniture collection designed to enhance productivity and elevate your workspace. Crafted with premium materials, our modern desks provide ample space for organization, while comfortable chairs offer lumbar support for long hours. Sleek storage solutions keep your files and supplies neatly tucked away, promoting a clutter-free environment. The contemporary design seamlessly integrates into any office aesthetic, creating a professional and inspiring atmosphere. From stylish desks to functional storage, our office furniture combines form and function to create a workspace that reflects professionalism and fosters efficiency. Elevate your office experience with our thoughtfully curated furniture collection.


Oxford Furniture, workstations are functional and inspiring with well-equipped desks and modern d├ęcor.
Manager Office Furniture

Managerial Offices

Our Office furniture that is sophisticated, comfortable, and functional, aligns with your company's values.
Meeting Room

Meeting Space

Our meeting room furniture is designed to meet your professional needs for functional, comfortable and elegant.
Recaption Tables

Reception Space

Our Reception furniture collection has stylish and practical pieces perfect for any office in between normal to luxury.
Relaxation Office Furniture

Relaxation Space

Office relaxation furniture set is perfect for creating a comfortable and calming atmosphere.
Cafe & Canteen Furniture

Cafe & Canteens

Enhance your specialized canteen or cafe's ambiance with our stylish and durable furniture collection.

Auditorium & Stadiums

Our furniture is comfortable, durable, and customizable for auditoriums and stadiums.

Office Sofas

Our stylish and durable office sofas provide comfort and sophistication to any workspace.