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Ergohuman Project 2 Medical Chair

What is Ergohuman Project 2

Is it Original?

Discover authenticity with the Ergohuman Project 2 Logo is your exclusive gateway to the original chair. In a market filled with low quality duplicaes, this distinctive logo serves as your assurance of genuine Ergohuman quality and craftsmanship. As the sole identifier of authenticity, the Project 2 Logo embodies the essence of the true Ergohuman chair, ensuring you experience the unparalleled comfort, durability, and design that set it apart.

Beware of counterfeit replicas lacking this vital insignia, as they cannot replicate the superior features and meticulous engineering of the original Ergohuman chair. The Project 2 Logo signifies adherence to the highest standards of ergonomic excellence, guaranteeing that your investment delivers the premium experience expected from Ergohuman.

When seeking the epitome of comfort and innovation, look for the Ergohuman Project 2 Logo, your trustworthy companion in distinguishing the authentic Ergohuman chair from mere imitations. Elevate your seating experience with the original, thoughtfully designed, and certified ergonomic masterpiece that only the Ergohuman Project 2 can guarantee.


Our Chairs are known for its adjustable features and high-quality materials. And we use SGS Certified materials. We are certified with EN 1335-1 for the Dimensions test, EN 1335-2 for the Safety and Durability test and also BIFMA X5.1 Global recognized test for durability.

We are also certified for the GreenGurd Gold, highest standard for low chemical emission.

Since we are selling the Original Ergohuman chair, we provide 15 years of warranty.

Scientific Explanation

How to use?

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